(Original photo by Jorge Quinteros)

Next year, Queens Flushing Meadow Park could become home to two new large-scale music festivals: the Panorama Fest on the weekend of June 17th, and MSG's music festival on the weekend of June 24th.

While a robust festival schedule will bring money to the neighborhood, there are concerns about hosting massive events at the old World's Fair site. Ultimately it will be up to the city, and today the Daily News published this headline suggesting politicians are pro-festival: "EXCLUSIVE: Queens pols support controversial music festival in Flushing Meadows Corona Park." But do they?

Their article goes on to say that, while U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens) is in support of at least one of the festivals (AEG's), Queens Borough President Melinda Katz isn't caving so easily.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz — who has met with five groups interested in renting the park — has refused to back any of the proposals unless the city requires applicants to meet with the community before awarding permits. None of the current concert proposals has been presented to the public at an open meeting.

Katz's spokeswoman Sharon Lee elaborated on the reservations, noting, "Fencing off 200 acres in the center of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which thousands of families consider their backyard, is vastly too big in size and scope and would have a devastating impact on the surrounding communities."

Meanwhile, Governors Ball (a start-up fest has grown over the years and is pretty much responsible for reinvigorating the music festival in NYC) has been concerned about their 2016 event, scheduled to take place on Randall's Island on the weekend of June 3rd, right around the same time as these other potential fests. They've been petitioning to stop them from happening in the same month as their own, since it would create a competitive scenario in regards to booking and ticket sales.

This afternoon, organizer Tom Russell told us, "We are concerned the City isn't being transparent about its decision making process or considering the impact on existing, homegrown events like Governors Ball. We want to make sure we can continue contributing back to our community and pumping millions into the local economy."