Photo by Barbara Russo © WCS

The Queens Zoo just received some new avian additions, dozens of bobwhite quail chicks! The chicks hatched last month, and visitors can now spot them all over the zoo's aviary; we're told they are usually found in groups of four or five, being led by one of the adult female quails. And while they may not seem as adorable as, say, baby sea lions, here's a little background info from the Wildlife Conservation Society explaining more about these little guys:

"The chicks are the first generation of this species to ever be born at WCS’s Queens Zoo. This popular game bird has disappeared in certain regions across North America due to over-hunting. Its grassland habitats face serious environmental threats. WCS has many ongoing field projects throughout the continent to help save threatened or endangered species and preserve habitats that are susceptible to destruction."

We're also told there is video footage here, but the WCS has locked it up—clearly some top secret quail stuff happening on there.