NYC lost its first multiplex, the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village, in 2015 when it closed for extensive renovations. But those renovations seem to be (nearly) complete—Variety reports that the theater will reopen next month.

The Quad debuted its eight screens in 1972, and was heralded for its dedication to showing indie films and its intimate, private-screening room feel. As the years went by its age began to show, however, and the theaters were obviously rundown prior to closing—in 2011, one Yelp reviewer wrote they'd "rather see a movie in a Port Authority bathroom." In 2014, the theater was purchased by real estate developer Charles S. Cohen, who shuttered it for renovations shortly thereafter. Sure, the theater was supposed to reopen in the fall of 2015, and then again in the summer of 2016, but the reopening looks legit this time around!

The theaters in the new-and-improved Quad will be far less cramped, with fewer, but better seats (430, down from 560) and enhanced sight lines. The design is new; they've increased the number of formats they'll be able to screen films in; and there's a wine bar in the theater, naturally. Quad also has a new programming director—Christopher Wells, who used to head the IFC Center—and Gavin Smith of Film Comment as senior programmer.

Quad will not, however, do the whole "dinner-and-a-movie" thing that's been popularized by theaters like Alamo Drafthouse and Nitehawk. It's also unclear whether they'll continue to offer reduced-price tickets—the old Quad sold tickets for $11, but it's possible this rehabbed theater will sell tickets for a little more now that it's slightly fancier.

The multiplex will reopen on April 14th.