Jelly Kelly - Not Hermes The popularity of the Birkin and Kelly bags has made French fashion house Hermes even more protective of its top tier brand, as Ginia Bellefante reports in the Times. Not only is the proliferation blatant knock-offs being tracked down and stopped, Hermes is taking action against anything that seems to remotely impede on - even rubber plastic versions that are clearly not Hermes. An interesting look at brand stewardship and maintenance, Gothamist was amused that when Hermes' lawyers give seminars to customs agents to look out for fakes, "the women agents have all definitely heard all about them."

As most know by now, the Kelly bag got its name after Grace Kelly bought one and made it popular. In the 1980s, Jane Birkin mentioned to an Hermes marketing director that the Kelly bag was hard to open (the other story is that she complained to Hermes president Jean-Louis Dumas that no one made a bag for her needs) voila, the Birkin bag.

Hermes has its laywers policing for fake Hermes Kelly bags and Hermes Birkin bags on eBay.