2007_01_lumpy.jpgPeople Who Make Us Sick
- This past weekend, a Queens man was arrested for animal cruelty. Oswald Joudan faces up to a year in a prison and a $2,000 fine for a number of terrible things he did to his Chow Chow "Lumpy" (pictured). A neighbor called the ASPCA, which found the dog so badly beaten that its face is distorted. The dog was also starved to the point of being 30 pounds (!!) underweight and had a 14-inch collar on the its 17-inch neck that was so restricting that it was embedded in the flesh. The dog needed 100 stitches to close up the wound. The ASPCA will determine whether the dog, who has a "great disposition" and will be renamed, can be adopted, but in the meantime, you can call 212-876-7700 to find out.

- With deer encroaching on parts of Staten Island, it seems that some residents have the hunting bug. The flaw in that thinking is that hunting is totally illegal in NYC. One resident says, "The point is, if you're a hunter, what's your great accomplishment hunting on Staten Island?"

- And a pit bull was sexually assaulted in NJ. The Humane Society is looking for suspects and say that two women saw the dog being sodomized but did nothing.

Top Dog Breeds
- The American Kennel Club announced that the number one dog breed in NYC is the poodle for the second year in a row (the number one dog breed in the country is the labrador retriever). The number two breed is new: The Yorkshire terrier, whose ascent might be due to it's good size for city apartments.

2007_01_fatcat.jpgFat or Big-Boned
- And mark your calendars: Hill's, maker of Science Diet pet food, is launching a mobile tour to educate pet owners about chubby pets. According to a press release, "just five extra pounds on a medium size breed like a Beagle is the equivalent of nearly 25 pounds on an average woman" while "four extra pounds [on a Siamese cat] equals 45 pounds on an average woman." Ack!

Dog owners will be able to bring their dogs to be weighed and for the "interactive experience"; cat owners are recommended to leave cats at home since they get jittery and to bring photos instead - "two views -- one from the side and one from the top works best." The tour will come to NYC May 2 through May 22, and there's more information about pet diets at Hill's PetFit site.