A not-so-gentle reminder to anyone flying with their pets: Your crated dog may be just as easily delayed as your check-in luggage. A Queens dog breeder sent a baby bulldog to its new owner in Montana - only for Delta to lose the dog along the way. Okay, lose is a strong word, but the poor pup was delayed in Salt Lake City and got to Montana a day later! Delta says the flight from NYC missed the connection to Montana and that the dog was taken care of, but how does anyone know that? Sure, you can deal wtihout your extra clothes, but will airlines really walk and feed the dog? (Actually, it's probably in the best interest of the airline to at least walk the dog.). Breeder Robin Schulder told the Daily News that Delta offered to refund her the $176 for shipping the puppy, but she says she'll never use Delta again, as the dog seemed to be dehydrated and hungry. Maybe direct flights are the way to go!

Do you have any tips for flying with your pets? We know that vets can give you medication to help ease your pets into a calmer state in order to deal with travel. Here are a few websites devoted to pet travel: Pets Welcome, Pets on the Go, and Travel Dog, plus the American Veterinary Medical Association's pet travel tips.