Yesterday afternoon, dog-owners and dog-lovers gathered in Fort Greene Park for the 10th Annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest. Over 50 dogs entered the competition (yes, each pup got to walk around to show off their costumes), those gathered got to "ooh" and "aww" over the cute canines.

In this election year, first prize went to "Joe the Plumber." He was definitely the crowd favorite as he walked around squirting water out of a pipe on his back. A "Stubborn Doggerpillar" (a dog dressed as a caterpillar) won second place and third place went to a pair of pups who were "Peas and Carrots."

Politics and other current events were themes for the first and second runners-up: First runner up was "Lucy Moosey and Petey the Polar Bear" --with owners dressed as John McCain and Sarah Palin-- and second runner up was "Bailout Golden Parachute." The third runner up brilliantly utilized bubble wrap--"Lego Copter." Other entrants were dressed as that perennial favorite--the doggie bumblebee--and others touched on celebrity: Michael Phelps, Laverne (from Laverne & Shirley) and even Brooklyn's own Borough President, Marty Markowitz.

But dogs weren't the only ones to make an appearance. As a nice surprise to the audience, the last four-legged animal to walk the circle was a large pot-bellied pig.

Reporting and photographs from Christopher Kim