Pat and Roger 4 EVA (Gothamist)

There are no newsmen more deserving of their own tribute song than NY1's Roger Clark and Pat Kiernan, and finally a band has stepped up and devoted a solid 2.5 minutes of quick-paced, three-chord action to the duo. ICYMI on NY1 this morning, behold:

The Tracys (who are playing Otto's Shrunken Head tonight) have also provided the lyrics, which barely scratch the surface of these two, but do include references to Canada and "air drumming" (er, air guitar?). Clark told us this morning, "I'm really honored to have a punk song written about Pat and I, especially being a punk rock fan for many years. It's the ultimate punk rock honor as far as I'm concerned to have a song with your name in it. I want to thank The Tracys for an amazing job and I look forward to checking them out live sometime and jumping into the mosh pit for a performance of 'Roger and Pat.' I'm also talking to The Tracys about my duo Perp Walk playing a show with them sometime in the future."

Now can some other band create a 1980s smooth rock tune about Pat Kiernan uncorking a bottle of red with his shoe?