It's been a tough few months for anyone who doesn't consider themselves politically-aligned somewhere to the left of say, Bull Connor. However, in the darkness, there's been one spark of light and hope: that video of "white nationalist" Richard Spencer getting punched in his face. And if you want to wring all the spiritual uplift you can out of that moment in American history, I've got great news for you: there's a free film festival in Brooklyn this weekend devoted solely to watching clips of Nazis getting popped.

Fash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching On Film is the film festival of your dreams, provided you've had at least one dream somewhat recently that involved a Nazi getting punched. Leaving behind the ridiculous debate about whether it's alright to take some pleasure in watching a guy whose website hosted an article trying intellectualize the case for black genocide and who cheered the "de-Judaification of the Holocaust," Fash Bash will be a night to watch some great clips of Nazis getting hit.

Ava Kofman, one of the organizers of the night and an editor at The New Inquiry, told Gothamist in an email that "Fash Bash Bash is a film screening of clips from movies in which people are resisting and protesting fascism. A dozen or so friends and contributors of the magazine will be selecting the clips from film history and introducing them briefly."

Kofman didn't have a final list of the screenings that will make up the entire 90 minute festival, but she did say that attendees can expect clips from a mix mainstream fare like Inglorious Basterds and more archaic films (that contain important scenes of Nazis getting punched). Depending on a presenter's background in film, some of the clips will be introduced with the context and history of the scene, while others will just be people simply presenting scenes of Nazis getting snuffed that they just happen to enjoy. Also: punch will be served.

Fash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching On Film, FREE, Saturday, February 4th, 8:15 p.m., Verso Books, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1010