Bob Saget, Matt Stone and Arianna Huffington walk into a sounds like the beginning of a joke. Oh but it's not. It's only part of the panel set up for tomorrow nights discussion at the 92nd St Y entitled "Punch Lines and Politics: A Seconding the First Forum".

2005_09_arts92sty.gifThe panel includes Paul Provenza, Bob Saget, Dan Glickman, Matt Stone, Harry Shearer, Joe Scarborough and Arianna Huffington, Joe Pantoliano and Tony Goldwyn / Lawrence O’Donnell Jr., moderator, and is hosted by Joe Pantoliano and Tony Goldwyn, co-presidents, The Creative Coalition.

According to the 92 Street Y blog (who knew?!) they'll be discussing the limits of "free speech, government and non-government censorship, movie ratings, the state of the First Amendment and everything in between." Previously we would have thought that Bob Saget wouldn't be a likely candidate for this panel, we thought he was a pretty G-rated type of guy. Then we saw the Full House E! True Hollywood story which unveiled to us a whole new side of Saget, an R-rated side!

Tuesday // 8pm // Kaufmann Concert Hall [Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street] // $25 [$20 discount tickets with promo code "COA"]