With the cicadas emerging in the NYC area, we are nothing but helpless, besieged humans. But let's take comfort in the fact that we can at least film our cats gracefully murdering and eating the cicadas, and thus contribute to the number of cat videos on The Internet. Below, a carefully curated retrospective of Cats Eating Cicadas videos to learn from before shit goes down.

Good sound, steady camera, and plenty of emotions from the human co-stars: "Did you really just do that? Why? Whyyyyy?" 4 stars.

Not quite the M. Night Shyamalan of Cats Eating Cicadas videos, but the sound of the cicada is intense here, building up suspense, and until the very end you are left wondering if the cat will actually eat the cicada or not. 3.5 stars.

This "2 Cats, 1 Cicada" video takes a surprise turn when the cats become the victims. 3 stars.

Why are the cats on leashes? Where did all of those beautiful blue petals come from? Is that even a cicada? This is like the foreign film of Cats Eating Cicadas videos. 2 stars, but it'll win an Oscar anyway.

This one, featuring a feral cat, is The Blair Witch Project of Cats Eating Cicada videos. 2 stars.

Sometimes those big action movies are a real let down. 1 star.

And finally, the Most Disappointing Cat Eating Cicada Video Ever. Bad sound, bad cinematography. 0 stars.