Courtesy of the Typewriter Project

The New York Poetry Festival takes place this weekend on Governors Island, and with it comes a brothel, booze, poetry readings, and one typewriter.

The Smith Corona will be housed in a tiny wooden den (with a "commanding view of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of lower Manhattan"), and will be the first one of the Poetry Society's Typewriter Project. This was inspired by the Play Me, I'm Yours project, which has brought pianos to public spaces all over the city.

Next year, if all goes well, a series of site-specific typewriter installations will pop up around the city, encouraging us all to put down our Internet for a moment and join "a citywide lyrical conversation"... offline.

Preferably these typewritten words would be sent off down the East River in a bottle, but the analog aspect of the project doesn't last for long. Each piece of paper will be "collected, stored, and posted online for users to read, share, and comment upon." This is an effort "to investigate the subconscious of the city." So, that should be terrifying. [h/t Brooklyn Based]