A sculpture designed to be a Corbusier-inspired bench was placed in a Connecticut town as part of an art installation. People enjoyed it for a little while, then a local property worker tore it down, trashing it in a dumpster by mistake.

The AP has the sad story:

The piece, by New York City artist Jim Osman, was installed as part of the town's annual Sculpture Mile event shortly before it went missing this week. The worker told organizers he used a hammer to take it down, believing it was not allowed in the plaza.

"He didn't think it was art," said William Bendig, founder and president of the Hollycroft Foundation, which sponsors the exhibition. "All he had to do was call us and we would have moved it."

Bendig said a manager from the worker's property management company told him that the employee believed the structure had been left behind by skateboarders. Bendig said the manager on Thursday offered financial compensation for the piece, valued at about $10,000, but the outraged Bendig has pressed for the worker to help put it back together.


, who said he'd help fix the piece if it can be saved, said he set it up on Sunday. "People congregate around it," Osman told the AP. "It was so good to see the piece out in the world. It's kind of a big letdown." Too late, it's probably been reassembled in Kramer's apartment by now.