The 60 public pianos have officially been put in place for Luke Jerram's public art project, Play Me, I'm Yours. They're only up for two weeks, and the NY Post has some insight in to why. Jerram—who has brought the installation to London and Brazil in the past—told the paper: "The difference in New York is that we seem to be getting a lot more professional musicians as well as the amateurs. It also cost about 10 times as much to do it here."

While the pianos were donated, securing locations and managing the project cost around $250,000 (which was raised by the Sing For Hope charity). After the project runs its course, the pianos will be donated to schools and community groups.

Yesterday one Tennessee musician attempted to play 29 of the pianos in 12 hours, but fell short by just 2. According to the Daily News, he planned to "blaze through" Manhattan but discovered it wasn't that easy—maybe a local would have had a better shot. Meanwhile, another musician is attempting to hit up all 60—Nigel Hall has already started his challenge (documented here), and you can learn more about it in this video.