2008_09_bar.jpgFormer NYC public defender and current Seton Hall Law professor David Feige co-created, along with veteran producer Steven Bochco, the new TNT drama, Raising the Bar (premiering tonight), about Manhattan public defenders. Feige told the AP he was relieved to finally blast myths that defenders are "schlubby, disillusioned, generally incompetent people who can’t get other jobs. The reality is that my Bronx office hired people from Harvard and Yale" And the office was "in a loft that was a converted ice factory. It had 40-foot ceilings. It was gorgeous.” The show stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar who is almost unrecognizable due to his long hair (Feige had long hair when he was a defender). The NY Times' Ginia Bellefante thinks Gosselaar should be locked "up for failing to find a good barber."