ghost.jpgGroundswell Community Mural Project presents a special exhibit about "Rest in Peace" murals in Brooklyn. An experiment in anti-violence education, nine teenagers from the borough spent their summer researching the murals, their artists, and the lives of the people they depict, in an effort to address prevention of violence in their own communities.

Because the murals are scattered throughout Brooklyn, not only are they rarely seen by people from outside a particular neighborhood, they are often presented with little background information about the subject. Gothamist was somewhat puzzled by the mural we live near, Paradise: Lost and Resurrected, but we recently learned some details about this tribute to Nicholas Heyward, Jr., the tenth anniversary of whose tragic death will be marked next month (a candlelight vigil is scheduled for this Saturday). We think this exhibit is an incredible opportunity to view these murals and learn what they are really all about.

The exhibit opens this Saturday, August 21 at the Old Stone House in Park Slope. If you're thinking of attending, don't hesitate - the show runs for one week only, closing August 29. Suggested donation for adults is $3.

The Old Stone House (718-768-3195) is located in J.J. Byrne Park on Third Street (4th-5th Avenues) in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Museum hours are Thursday-Sunday, 12 noon to 5 p.m.

Additional information about the history of the Old Stone House.