Early yesterday morning, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly punching a woman at a Chelsea nightclub. Now it turns out that the woman, Tiffany Eve Mitchell, is a psychic, and she claims Lohan called her a "gypsy."

Mitchell spoke to TMZ, which describes her as a "well-known psychic" who "had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading ... but Lohan turned her down saying, 'Give me my space.'"

As she walked away, Tiffany's friend says she heard Lohan call her a "f**king Gypsy" ... and it set her off.

We're told the friend went ballistic -- unloading a bunch of insults back at Lohan ... calling her a "whore" and telling her "Liz & Dick sucked."

At that point, Lohan lost her cool and socked the psychic in the eye ... and all hell broke loose inside the club. Lohan was eventually arrested for assault.

Tiffany's husband tells TMZ, "We are not Gypsies. That has nothing to do with our religion ... it was a racist comment."

He adds, "Just because your career went down the drain and your new movie sucks, you can't go around beating people up."

But that's not all—sources also tell TMZ that Lohan is drinking two liters of vodka a day, because she's so freaked out about her finances and legal troubles: "We're told Lindsay was drinking all day and showed up at the [Justin] Bieber concert already hammered. She continued to drink throughout the night, and got extremely sloppy." (Lohan went to the concert before going to the nightclub Avenue.)

The Post says that Lohan, though Mitchell, might have taken "her sister’s designer handbag stuffed with $10,000... Lohan — who was bombed out of her mind with her breasts spilling out of her top — 'was screaming at her, "Give me back my purse,"' said a witness. 'Lindsay had stuffed her jacket and the purse behind the banquette, then went to look for it and couldn’t see it. She was too drunk to remember where it was.'"

However, it's also been reported that the dust-up might have been about cellphone photographs of Lohan (she hates those!) or a boy band star. Anyway, Mitchell's husband, Wayne Stevens, says the club did nothing, "They’re not throwing her out, because she’s Lindsay Lohan. I said, ‘Well, my wife got punched by Lindsay Lohan, I don’t care.' She’s all swollen. Her cheek is swollen. It kind of just escalated because someone else had a brawl." So he called the police, who arrested the actress on her way out of the club.

There's also some weird drama between Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle (he Tweeted, "@lindsaylohan after bailing you out last night I HOPE and PRAY you get the help you so desperately need. We are ALL rooting for you. xxx"). Doyle, in case you didn't care the first time around, is the one who Lohan's mother is suspicious of: "I have questions about Gavin. There have been numerous incidents with Lindsay where he has been present. He was with her recently at [millionaire Sam Magid’s] party when she was falsely accused of burglarizing jewelry. It’s all very sketchy.”