Consider this your official warning: the Kardashian clan is, if possible, about to take over even more televisions, with the announcement that various family members will take turns co-hosting the fourth hour of Today show alongside Hoda Kotb next week. Hot topics will include Kim's giant wedding, giant ass, and giant fight with Old Navy. Oh, and there will be cocktailing!

"Kardashian week" kicks off on Monday with Khloe, the Least Interesting One, then moves on to Tuesday with scary-faced patriarch Bruce Jenner, Wednesday with "momager" (her description, not ours) Kris Jenner, Thursday with Patrick Bateman-loving Other Sister Kourtney, and, naturally, the grand finale on Friday is with Kim herself. The whole thing is a lead-in to the "highly anticipated" four-hour E! special “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event," airing over the course of two nights, October 9th and 10th. But really, we're just hoping this potentially amazing trainwreck of a week will look a little something like this: