New York knitting community: you are needed. The New Zealand oil spill has left cute, little penguins in need of warmth and protection. A call has been put out for knitters to make penguin sweaters. Yes, PENGUIN SWEATERS. Undoubtedly, the most adorable thing you'll hear all week. According to Grist, a yarn store has even posted patterns for how to knit "penguin jumpers" (hold up, penguin jumpers is now the most adorable thing you'll hear all week), and they've included where the finished products can be sent.

The request (which is really really real), isn't the first of its kind, and Grist notes that "the woolens keep oil-soaked birds warm until they're well enough to be cleaned, and prevent them from nibbling oil off their feathers."

And now: how you'll spend the rest of your day.