As we noted yesterday, Phish is in the midst of a three-night run at Madison Square Garden, making the area around Penn Station a no-go zone if you're trying to walk to the train without losing your faith in humanity. And tonight, it being NYE, just forget about it—the sidewalks are going to be absolutely packed, with pandemonium for a three block radius around the Garden. Obviously, the band's fan base makes for deliciously easy targets, but it should be noted that the quartet thoroughly crushed their first gig of the run last night, with highlights including an exuberant cover of Little Feat's "Fat Man in the Bathtub" from the album Waiting for Columbus (which Phish covered in its entirety this Halloween), an improvisationally-inspired Set II Tweezer, and a room-shaking Axilla, which is probably the best rock song ever named for the armpit.

If you're curious why grown adults still put up with the humiliation and indignity of attending a Phish show in these foul years of our Lord, the band is doing a live HD webstream of tonight and tomorrow night's show. There's a mob scene outside the Garden for a reason, and it's not just about the drugs. For reference, here's a video of the band's a cappella performance of "The Birdwatcher" in Worcester on Tuesday night: