This stealthily photographed scenario, sent directly to our subway shaming email this morning, is not beneficial to anyone. First, carefree barefoot millennial person, you probably have a subway fungus that scientists have yet to identify growing on your skin now. (And if you don't, you will soon!) Secondly, this is very rude.

Our tipster explains that Subway Fungus Patient Zero was spotted on the F train on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m., "while people stood for lack of seating."

While we can't fix the subway system, we can fix our behavior and make it a more tolerable place. While the flip flop is a highly contested footwear choice in NYC, they go from being controversial to being an absolute don't when they are taken off in public in this manner. Please leave your goddamn shoes on, people! And if you need us to scare you straight, just step right this way.