Remember when that liquor store in Greenpoint put chicks and bunnies in the window display in celebration of (a drunken, drunken) Easter? That was a bad idea. And now Farm Sanctuary wants you to resist the urge to do something similar, like say, buy some bunnies and ducklings and chicks as gifts this season just because you can. Or just because "the animated movie Hop, featuring an adorable bunny as the main character, is packing movie theaters nationwide" (though we're pretty sure Russell Brand isn't going to help move bunnies).

The organization's National Shelter Director Susie Coston says: “Rabbits, ducks and chickens are living, feeling animals, not holiday trinkets, yet many people impulsively purchase them without considering whether or not they are prepared to take care of them for many years to come. We urge parents to show their children that animals deserve love when they’re all grown up just as much as when they were babies. They can do that by sponsoring an animal in need for their children this Easter rather than buying one.” Always with some animal-saving agenda, Farm Sanctuary!

They further draw us in to help with their master plan (of saving animals) by listing off their orphans... like Mr. Peepers the goose (pictured). How can anyone say no to a name like that? There's also a former New York City resident, Preston the duck, who was found wandering the streets of the Big Apple after presumably having been bought during Easter and abandoned. Meet all of their needy animals right here, and if you really must have a little chick this Easter, make it a Peeps. And this is not so much Easter related, but if you are ever thinking of having an Angry Birds themed party, please do not adopt these adorable teacup pigs.