Every summer PS 1 in Long Island City changes the appearance of its courtyard, and this year's makeover has just been unveiled. The winning submission for MoMA PS1's Young Architects Program is "Holding Pattern," by NY architecture firm Interboro Partners. Partner Tobias Armborst talked to Arts Beat about the design, saying, “A lot of the things are commonsensical"—the design also has an interest in recycling and sustainability.

The firm's website notes the challenge of designing around an irregular seven-sided polygon (the shape of the courtyard), and says they've stringed "ropes from holes in MoMA PS1's concrete wall to the parapet across the courtyard. In the same way that Hugh Ferris reveals the potential of New York City's 1916 zoning code by drawing the theoretical building envelope, we reveal the very odd, idiosyncratic space of the courtyard and simultaneously create an inexpensive and column-free space for the activity below. From the ground, the experience is of a soaring hyperboloid surface." They've brought in "an eclectic collection of objects—including benches, mirrors, ping-pong tables, and flood lights," as well.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of shade, but it's going to be so hot and crowded during the summer's Warm Up series that you probably won't even notice! On that note, someone should really incorporate some beer-dispensing hoses in the next design.