Tomorrow, untold numbers of Asians and others will be protesting the controversial 'Gay or Asian' article in Details magazine. More information about the protest can be found here, but expect to see some neatly printed signs at from noon till 1PM in front of the Fairchild Publications building at 7 West 34th Street. In the spirit of Whitney McNally's horribly misguided "spoof," Gothamist imagines that Fairchild Publications is passing around a memo like this:

If you hear someone yelling, "File Whitney McNarry!" that's really "Fire Whitney McNally!" - the Asians sometimes have trouble with the r's and l's. And stop by HR to pick up your coolie hat; they are being distributed so you can enter the building without getting pelted with pelted with thousand year eggs or egg rolls. And we recommend you watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill if you haven't. They know kara-TAY, kung pao chicken, and some other violence-without-weapons techniques. Remember, Asian women can be fierce - the lotus blossom thing is a trick.

If anyone goes, take pictures and let us know if protestors are eating Pocky and Vitasoy, okay?

The Village Voice's David Ng wrote nice article about American Idol reject turned punchline, William Hung, that touches upon being an Asian immigrant in the U.S., as well as the Details issue; we have to agree with generally Asian Americans p.c. killjoys...which is why it says something that 'Gay or Asian' really annoyed us. Matte Chi on what else you can do to protest the article. And Gothamist on the Details piece and Urban Outfitters' t-shirts.