Seems that people really are offended by this mural! Tonight at 6 p.m. there is actually going to be a protest against Sofia Maldonado's work recently put up in Times Square.

According to MyFox5, the protest will be "big," with many saying the mural stereotypes African American and Hispanic women. They talked to some folks who want it taken down; one Latina woman explained her point of view, saying, "What I want to see is something that motivates me, something that makes me want to be more than I am." And community advocate Tony Herbert agreed; he told them, "Women should be depicted with cell phones and briefcases, that's to show the professionalism of how women have broken the glass ceiling to accomplish what they've accomplished, not to come back to this."

Meanwhile, Maldonado is holding strong, saying that her work is misunderstood, and she just wanted to "represent a female aesthetic that normally isn't seen in Times Square. Women who dress like this should be respected in society the same way as women with briefcases." Speaking of briefcases! No one carries those anymore, right?