Last night Project Runway ran its season 5 finale, also the last season to be aired on Bravo (next time around it'll be over at Lifetime). The three contestants left standing were Kenley, Korto and Leanne (though Joe and Jerrell also got to show collections). The spoilers are after the jump incase you haven't watched it yet, but from what you saw or what you are seeing now: who do you think deserved to win?

Tim Gunn already blogged about the finale, and his first time as a judge (after the guest judge bailed at the last minute). Of Leanne's collection he said: "We saw all of the conceptual content that really is at the core of Leanne's point of view, and we saw it tempered and orchestrated with precision."

On Kenley, who notoriously showed him some attitude throughout the season, he said: "I loved Kenley's textile choices and her hand-painting, which was a risky endeavor, and the silhouettes couldn't have been more her. But when the looks walked, they possessed a stiffness that I wasn't prepared to experience."

And finally Korto (who was robbed!): "Korto fully embraced her African heritage and her Americanism. Furthermore, she was successful embracing that goal ... Her silhouettes, alone, told her story, and when you add the colors, textures, and jewelry, her entire collection was uplifted. I loved it."

In the end, Leanne took home the grand prize, which she'll likely add some petals to, but Korto was the fan favorite. She told E! Online that she would love to design for Oprah, who she's "been stalking her for like five years. I think I should be one of her favorite things next year."