Here are our initial ideas on a Project Runway Season 2 drinking game... if you have suggestions, put them below and we'll have a revised game for next week's second part of the finale!

Drink when:
- Santino does some outrageous (just a teeny sip - we want you to be able to go to work tomorrow)
- Chloe says how her line will look expensive
- Daniel tosses his hair or tries to be self-deprecating but it just comes off as arrogant
- Someone says "Oh My God!"
- Someone cries
- The models can't fit into the clothes
- Something catastrophic happens to the clothes
- Tim Gunn tells them to make it work
- Michael Kors gets catty
- You see a season one designer
- Someone says something bitchy about an auf wiedersehn'd designer
- Bickering over who gets what model
- Chloe makes her seven sisters help her with the collection

Drink twice the amount when:
- Someone's family seems less 50% crazy than you thought it would be
- Daniel's ex-girlfriend shows up - to find out he's gay!
- Heidi mixes up another English catchphrase
- Santino sings

Chug when:
- A designer finishes something ahead of time
- Santino does not offend anyone by the end of the episode
- Heidi goes into labor and Tim Gunn delivers the baby