Ahhhh! It's Olympus Fashion Week and today, the designers from Project Runway showed their collections! Now, as we all know, all four designers from the Final Four - Jeffrey, Laura, Michael and Uli - get to present at Fashion Week, but one of the shows is a decoy, in order for people not to know who the true Final Three are. (Last year, Kara Janx presented at Fashion Week, though Daniel V., Chloe and Santino were the only ones really competing.)

So, like the lunatic Gothamist tends to be about things, we've been studying photographs on Getty Images and reading posts on Blogging Project Runway. The biggest observation is that Uli's Project Runway model is Nazri - while Clarissa (who modeled mostly for Angela) walked for Michael. There are two hypotheses: (1) Uli wins the next challenge and chooses Nazri; when Michael chooses a model, he picks Clarissa; or (2) Michael is eliminated (NOOOO!).

Here are links and thoughts on the four designers' collections; Blogging Project Runway has some of the designers' remarks:
- Uli - Lots of the "Uli-style" dresses, but they are all very nice (one could say that Chloe's collection last year was full of Chloe dresses)
- Laura - Again, lots of "Laura-style" dresses, but the one that Camilla is wearing is incredible
- Michael - It's super sexy (much like his portfolio), very Gucci-inspired (bathing suits and all!)
- Jeffrey - It's very colorful and reminds us a little of Marc by Marc Jacobs kind of clothing

We can't believe we have to wait weeks for the finale on October 18.

Photograph of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia (and we think that's Daniel Vosovic to the right of Nina) by Stephen Chernin/AP