2006_10_finalfour2.jpgLast night's Project Runway finale had it all. A hint of scandal. Crying. Bad accounting. Very little sleep. Family. Past Project Runway designers. B-list celebrities. "Gather round." Some very lovely dresses and some that almost defy description. While we think most anyone interested in Project Runway has seen the finale already, we're putting our thoughts about the finale after the jump.

First things first:
+ Jeffrey was ultimately found innocent - he only had to give up his pleated shorts (no receipts to account for the pleating) - but he went over budget by $227. So he gave up his ugly blond wigs so he got lucky (maybe beautiful to Jeffrey, but they would have been distracting). And the crying was because he had been proved innocent. We knew it - he's very emotional, that Jeffrey.
+ We sort of miss the frenzy of that was imposed by last year's 13th look. But maybe we're sadists.

The tents and the collections:
2006_10_projectrunway.jpg+ We love seeing the families there - Jeffrey's girlfriend Melanie and Harrison were cute, Laura's husband had on a wacky tie, Michael's parents are adorable, and both of Uli's parents were there.
+ The music for the collections kind of sucked. It seemed a lot better the first two years -- Jeffrey's music was too spooky, Uli's too soft (Michael's and Laura's music were more appropriate) -- we wonder if the designers chose it or if the producers did.
+ Jeffrey showed his clothes first. While they were colorful and interesting, Gothamist thought they photographed much better than they moved. Some of the silhouettes were unflattering and some outfits were ungainly. The green and white material was brave, because it's almost clownish, and the layered outfits were great.
+ Uli showed next, and it was a beautiful collection. Casual with bits of glitter and interesting embellishment, it was immediately desirable and wearable. That tan shirt dress with silver belt? Amazing.
+ Laura's collection was familiar - formal, tasteful, and expensive looking, but more dresses and more spectactular. It's the kind of clothing you'll see fabulous people wearing to look good, if not to make a fashion statement - it's very safe. But it all looked gorgeous and she got the most cheers during the collection.
+ And then there was Michael. Our darling Michael went sexy and sultry and sensual again and produced something that was more hoochie than haute. It felt tired (Tom Ford Gucci) and tacky, we're sad to say. The dresses looked well-made, but nothing as exciting as his coffee filter dress. We did love this outfit, though. (And we swear Heidi and Nina probably said how the collection wasn't that great in the cutaway to the audience.)

The judging:
+ The judges picked apart the designers for the obvious reasons: Laura's was too much of the same, though exquisite. Michael's wasn't tasteful enough. Uli's was beautiful but there wasn't enough range. Jeffrey's had range, but some of the outfits didn't fit well - and he went over budget. Guest judge Fern Mallis, who created Olympus Fashion Week, actually took up for each of the designers and said Michael's concept was worthy (if not executed well), Laura's narrowness was a good thing, and the fact that Uli only did resort wear was all since it's a huge segment of the fashion biz.
+ Michael was eliminated first and was told his vision needed to mature. Fair statement, and he is the youngest of the bunch.
+ Laura was gone next - they applauded her taste, but nothing wowed them
+ Then it was between Uli and Jeffrey. We really though Uli would win, but Heidi named Jeffrey the winner, for his innovation and range. We're sure quite a few jaws fell open, because ours did. We didn't love his collection, but admire some parts of it. And he clearly works hard and has accomplished a lot from hitting bottom. We admit we're a little disappointed, but that has more to do with Michael's subpar collection than Jeffrey winning.
+ And Uli was very gracious - when she went backstage after being eliminated, she said, "Get the kid ready" (meaning little Harrison) - and she was happy to be #2. We can't wait to see her clothes in stores.

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for next season?

2006_10_jeffreycheck.jpgThe Project Rungay boys were at a finale viewing with Laura, Michael, Uli and Jeffrey - and apparently Jeffrey got his $100,000 on one of those wacky checks! And Bravo VP Andy Cohen interviews Jeffrey and also mentions that many people are going to be Jeffrey for Halloween - that's called making it work and being able to eyeliner that tattoo on your neck!