The countdown is on: Tomorrow night is the season finale of Project Runway. We've had six days and a couple repeat viewings to think about last week's episode:

2006_10_pr13.JPG- Visit with Michael: Michael is a great braceface. His collection was barely there, but it was definitely the beginning of what have been spied already and we don't like it in that way. On the upside, he seems to have a great, supportive family - which is what we expected given how cool Michael has been during the whole competition. Also, dream meal: Dinner with Michael's family AND Tim Gunn!

- Visit with Laura: Her sons frightened us (small children with poop - do the math) as did the chartreuse outfit. The rest of her collection was the usual classy, elegant stuff she's been doing. Her husband is adorable (Project Rungay put it best: Actually, Laura's husband looks like a character actor in a 1930s movie. "Go to casting and get me an architect type! Tell them to pull from their "intellectual" file! If that's no good, get me someone from "mad scientists!"). And their apartment is ridiculous.

2006_10_ulitimm.jpg- Visit with Uli: It's just as we imagined - sun, surf, and floaty dresses. And her dresses were really cute, if predictable. But Uli's story about growing up in East Germany was amazing (Miami Vice as inspiration behind the Iron Curtain?), though not as heartwrenching as Chloe's story about her family escaping Vietnam last season. We just hope that Tim put sunblock on his feet when he was in Miami - those are some pale, pale footsies.

- Visit with Jeffrey: His son is as cute as ever, his girlfriend Melanie seemed cool (very no-nonsense) and we underestimated Jeffrey's self-promotion about his company Cosa-Nostra.
He had a fabulous workspace, and his clothes were interesting (especially the zipper dress). Also, at this point we realized that each of the designers told their "sob stories" - Michael was an army brat, Laura never had a chance to try fashion design on her own, Uli lived in East Germany, and Jeffrey (and his family) was abandoned by his father and had a very troubled adulthood (heroin, suicide attempt).

2006_10_pr13c.JPG- Back in NYC, there was usual pre-Fashion Week frenzy of additional model selection, finishing outfits, fitting outfits, and Laura suspecting Jeffrey had some outside help with his collection. Now, we have to agree with Jeffrey - his collection is perfect because it's Fashion Week. But it is surprising that he got it all done, given his other commitments. Then again, it could be argued, as Laura noticed, that many of his outfits have fuller skirts, which would take less time than creating a jacket made out of feathers, as Laura did. The possibilities are limitless.

We suspect Jeffrey is crying in the previews because of an editor-fake-out - they may be tears of relief, they may be tears of the ghost of Kara Saun (remember when she got really expensive shoes for a serious discount, so the producers said the shoes couldn't be counted towards the judging?), they may be tears of "Dear God, why didn't I organize my $8,000 of receipts better."

Between 7PM tonight and tomorrow's season finale at 10PM, there are about 20 hours of Project Runway programming for you to relive and catch up on. You can also also catch up by reading our recaps and checking out Blogging Project Runway, Project Rungay, FourFour and Project Yawnur, for starters. And this week, New York magazine thought about how the show flatters New Yorkers. And our ideas for a drinking game:

- Drink when Laura continues to say she just had to get the Jeffrey thing off her chest
- Drink when Jeffrey calls Laura a bitch
- Chug if Jeffrey really did cheat and is kicked out of the competition
- Sip when a designer says he/she is so tired and hasn't been sleeping
- Two drinks if Heidi throws in another challenge
- Drink when the makeup or hair is wrong minutes before a show
- Drink when Tim Gunn looks perplexed
- Drink when someone says something along the lines of
- Drink when Michael Kors makes a pithy comment along the lines of "That crotch is insane!"
- Drink when a judge says he/she isn't surprised/wowed by the designer's work
- Drink when Heidi Klum says she's confused by what a designer is doing

Suggestions are welcome!