2006_08_projectrunwayew.jpgWe've had almost a week to recover from last week's insane Project Runway episode where the designers had to design for non-models - as in, their own mothers and sisters, many of whom were far from being waify models. It was very sweet to see the designers, even the ones that make our blood boil, connect with their mothers or sister, but very painful to watch Jeffrey and his model, Angela's mother Darlene. Of course Jeffrey, who hates Angela with the passion of a thousand suns, would have to get her mother as his model, and of course Jeffrey acted like a royal ass and make Darlene cry, instead of showing that he could rise to the challenge.

- While we thought Alison was robbed when Uli won the dog challenge, we too must chime in and say that Uli was certainly robbed when her wonderful outfit for Kayne's mother did not win while Vincent won for his boring black dress for Uli's mom. Uli used color and crazy patterns! Vincent just stuck to black. Augh!!
- How much worse could Robert's design have been? When he was talking about a zebra print, we thought he was serious and thought that would be a good idea. Sadly, he was "joking" in that flat monotone way he had about him.
- We were trying to justify the fact that Michael chose Robert's slim sister first because Robert was his roommate, but let's face it, she was a babe and infinitely easier to design for than many of the other relatives. We were relieved to read that Project Runway producer Andy Cohen was also thought the model-picking process sucked. However, the happiness when the designers saw their moms or sisters almost made up for that.
- Laura continues to rule: Not only did she say she expected Jeffrey's mother to have a mohawk and not only did she select Jeffrey's mother as her model to drive him crazy, she was blase about being pregnant for a sixth time.
- We've come to conclude that Kayne is basically a very good person - he loves his mom, he was empathetic and enthused about the challenge because he had been 310 pounds before - but years of torment have made him cruel. And we think that Jeffrey is basically a troubled person who can only lash out at the world - years of drug and alcohol abuse have made him cruel.
- Not to beat a dead horse, but Vincent is insane - of course Uli's mother would have a European air - she lives in Germany! And since Michael Kors' mother Joan loved Vincent's outfit, we deem her insane as well.
- And did you listen to Tim Gunn's podcast? He really does not care for Vincent, it's awesome.