2006_08_prwinmk.jpgOkay, we didn't write about Episode 5 of Project Runway last week, and for that we apologize because that lack of discipline simply does not work. But that meant we've had time to watch the episode, oh, about 4 times all the way through, plus various snippets repeatedly whenever we turn on Bravo, we've had time to think:

- Jeffrey is the worst person in the world, because even when he's right (as he was about people needing to be responsible for the sewing machines), he seems like a huge jerk... he's like Santino, without the charm or excellent Tim Gunn impression
- "The crotch on those pants is insane" is now a part of our weekly, if not daily, vocabulary. Vera Wang, when you learn to dish out criticism the way Michael Kors does, we'll like you better as a guest judge. (Our suggestion for episodes without Michael: Diane von Furstenberg who rocked this episode)
- Angela must stop using French words and making variations on her granny circles
- Can Vincent be kicked off next? Can Uli make something more than a flowy dress?
- Being trapped in an stuck elevator with Kayne and Robert would either be our worst nightmare or the funniest thing ever - we can't quite decide. Also, the backside view of Kayne's Marilyn Monroe dress - whoa, baby.
- Laura's designs are very timeless and clean, but Tim Gunn put it best in his blog about her Katharine Hepburn outfit: "The old fart in me thought the look was stunning, but the modern fashion educator in me thought it was a little flat."
- And Michael might be our favorite Project Runway designer ever. From "Captain Save-a-Ho" to having a good relationship with his family, from a coffee filter dress to the stunning Pam Grier re-imagined outfit, he rules.

Rich at fourfour has written another perfect Project Runway recap. And we were super excited to see the Project Runway window at Macy's (the middle of 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue), and Keith's duvet cover dress is still the most wearable. Oh, Keith.