2006_09_prparis2.JPGWhile last week's Project Runway couture challenge itself wasn't satisfying, the outcome was well worth it. To see Vincent "Everything I do turns me on" Libretti leave has been, well, liberating, because we don't have to worry about him walking around in his boxers on TV ever again. Unless they make him do it on the reunion show. Anyway, here are our thoughts on the episode:

- France is the land of accordion music; the whole episode felt like it had the Amelie soundtrack playing.
- The couture challenge challenged our imaginations because it seems like the demand was to make a dress than not many people can even make...was it just a hazing exercise? Still, it got rid of Vincent, so for that we're thankful.
- We knew Kayne was kinder and gentler without Robert! During their dinner, he made sure to toast Jeffrey on his win. His dress, however, looked like something Wendy Pepper designed for her Final Three runway show. Sorry, had to say it - Amanda's boobies were showing!
- Jeffrey and Laura are like two sides of the same coin. They are opinionated and rag on other people's designs. However, Jeffrey, as pointed out in Television without Pity, just seems more bitter and hurtful when he talks his smack while Laura has a subtext of being helpful.
- That said, Jeffrey's dress was very joyous and interesting. And we suppose he deserved to win, if throwing a dress together haphazardly (it just looked like a big mess, but that was intentional, it seems) for the sake of being mostly handsewn is what works. C'est la vie.
- Laura's dress did look much better in Paris, but doesn't everything? Could she have used hairspray to fix the collar?
- Uli may make the same dress over and over again (and this week's lovely gown was no different), she's really cute for trying to rouse Kayne by saying "Mr. Kayne, wake up."
2006_09_prparis3.JPG- You have to hand it to Michael: He can take Jeffrey saying his dress ruching was like Malan's, he can take an egg being thrown at him, and he can admit his dress is terrible and that he's sweating like a whore in church on the runway.
- J'adore Catherine Malandrino's note cards: Stars for Jeffrey and "no no no no no" for Vincent.
- And Vincent - he was the grossest when he was trying to charm Catherine. But this comes from a guy who glues his couture gown and uses a fleurchon on it (Angela still represents!). Good riddance!
- Richard Tyler - get that man some shampoo! He may be a successful designer, but apparently he's afraid of a good hair washing because his head was glinting from the greasy on his stringy hair.
- Finally, Tim Gunn was too cute in this episode - from telling guys the view from their room was "thrilling" to excitably saying "Bravo!" when Catherine Malandrino did first. Sure, he's been on Entertainment Weekly's cover, but what about Esquire or GQ's? he is, after all, compiling an album of favorites from Fashion Week right now for New York Magazine.

So, tomorrow's challenge apparently involves Laura breaking down in sobs, the Olsen twins, and Zac Posen. Bring it on!

The ever brilliant Rich at four four references Itchy & Scratchy in his recap Blogging Project Runway has coverage of Daniel Franco's and Malan Breton's shows. And did you notice that Vincent was doing the Daniel Franco shuffle?