2006_08_allisonaless.jpgJust a few more hours until the Project Runway where Angela apparently cries as Jeffrey goes medieval on her ass. But we need to discuss what happened during last week's garbage challenge, or as we like to call it, "The BS episode."

- Our precious Care Bear Allison (trademark Rich) is gone! No!!! Even Tim Gunn was devastated (and agreed model Alexandra was large, which is crazy, but what do we know about body image except that Alexandra looks great) - Heidi must have really hated her lisp. Anyway, Alison, we can't wait for your collection on shopbop.
- Laura is our most favorite mean girl ever - she's bitchy, but at least she'll be bitchy to your face... and she was on target when she lamented Kayne and Allison's styling choices. But we never want to see her attempt to rap again.
- Kayne and Robert - someone needs to separate them before they create a hate vortex; to his credit, Kayne acknowledged Laura's dress was cute, but Robert really has it out for her (producers, what are we not seeing?)
- When Michael Kors said that Jeffrey's thing is "ugly-beautiful," we think a more apropos description would be "90% ugly with a 5% chance of beautiful (5% is huh?)" - his dress did move beautifully, but it was still kind of eh and the styling for his model wasn't that great
- Vincent is a lunatic and we're counting the minutes till he gets kicked off; however, he makes good TV so we sort of know why he's still on the show...but, still, he's totally deluded
- We would like a Tim Gunn doll wearing the recycling plant hat and vest
- For once, Uli's dress didn't look like her usual dresses - bravo, Uli!
- The collection was totally Derelicte as Time Out Chicago pointed out
- Rachel Zoe must have had a Botox treatment before appearing on the show
- And we're so happy MIchael won - his outfit was lovely, though we were a little put off by him thinking he was predestined to win Project Runway - you can't trust all the notes you leave in your wallet, unless they say "Buy more toilet paper"

Producers, we hope there's more funny and more making it work and less crazy tension - we miss the camraderie from last season!