2006_10_pr4a.JPGTonight is the reunion episode for season 3 of Project Runway, but we must relive last week's episode first.

- Model "stealing" - Fair is fair, so we can't really fault Uli for choosing Nazri as her model (after all, she took her after winning the dog challenge). We're just surprised Michael didn't choose Amanda (we find Clarissa a little cross-eyed). Then again, maybe Michael didn't want to hear about Amanda's boyfriend not buying her an iPod for her birthday.

- The challenge itself - Snooze-a-rama. We loved seeing Nina Garcia at the Elle offices (hey, there's a gorgeous view of the Hearst building), but we find the whole "straddling editorial and own vision" thing really subjective. And the designers seem burnt out at this point. The designers just had to design something that would epitomize their vision (;ast season, the final four of Kara, Chloe, Santino and Daniel made totally unmemorable evening dresses).

The designers also had to pick three words to describe their outfits/style, which we think is the first time designers had to complete a writing portion of a challenge (please correct us if we're wrong).

- The extra prize: Getting the outfit photographed by Gilles Bensimmon for Elle magazine? We half expected Tyra Banks to appear, what with how many times she's said "Gilles Bensimmon" on America's Next Top Model. Anyway, that was a good extra bonus.

Oh, and the fact that they had to take photographs of their models in the outfits? What a way to tie in Olympus!

2006_10_pr4b.JPG- The designers: You know, we kind of love all of them - even Jeffrey. Michael was confused and sweet. Laura was bitchy and helpful. Jeffrey was deluded and wacky. Uli, in particular, got her sass on, made weird faces, and continued to make flowy dresses perfect for Miami. They all seem very comfortable with each other, and while it was probably boring for producers, it's pretty enjoyable for us viewers.

- Their designs: Laura's dress, hands-down, was amazing. It may not be Nina Garcia wowable, but it was gorgeous. Her photograph of Camilla was great, too. Uli's dress was cute, but nothing spectacular (and we hated Nazri's styling). We actually kinda liked Jeffrey's dress, just not the color combination, but agree that he painted himself in a corner (after everything he'd shown them and then presented this peasanty dress that seemed to come from left field). And Michael's dress, that oozed sensuality (or sexiness... or sybillance)? Weaving was beautiful, but keyholes are not good.

2006_10_pr4c.JPG- Their reaction upon learning they would all go to Olympus Fashion week? It was like the bizarro world - Laura and Jeffrey hugged! But how cute was it when Tim Gunn was happy that they were all going? We nearly cried when he told them how proud he was of them before the runway show. Now Tim gets to visit four places!

So tonight is the reunion show, and Keith returns to make people uncomfortable. Cannot wait, though last season's reunion will be hard to top (it had Santino's Tim Gunn impressions!). And during his podcast, Tim Gunn recommended guest judge Teri Agins's book, The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever; it looks good not just for fashion designers but people curious about why they wear what they wear.