2006_09_prlaura.JPGThe upside to a three day weekend is that waiting for the new Project Runway goes back so much more quickly. The downside? Not being able to write about it till the day of the new show. So to prepare you when you watch the rerun of last week's jetsetting episode:

- All the designers have been very loyal to their models - yet they don't get to use them this episode! (And, Lord, do the other models hate Amanda!)

- Kayne is hilarious for thinking about Tara Reid as a jetsetter; maybe a softer, gentler Kayne will emerge now that Robert is gone... certainly a sparkly and tacky Kayne (though, you have to admit, if you're dealing in pageant gowns, you've got to be tacky and sparkly) was present in this episode. Of course, he had a belt that said "Kayne" in rhinestones... of course.

- We never want to see Vincent in his boxers again. Please, Project Runway producers - have a heart. And Vincent is a living example of why people should pay attention to their posture - he's only 49 and he's soo slouchy, it makes him seem like he's 60-some.

- Jeffrey is a real jerk; he may have won the challenge, but he's delusional and might be the second least stable person on the show (Vincent being the least stable).

- Angela is a real airhead; she doesn't get Tim Gunn's constructive criticism... if Tim Gunn is saying "Holly Hobbie," it has to be bad, and by Jove, putting fleurchon Granny circles on the ass of your pants is BAD.

- We feel bad that Uli got called out for making the same dress over and over again, because Uli is nice, but let's face it, she was making the same dress over and over again.

2006_09_prtim.JPG- Whether or not Michael wins Project Runway (and we hope he does), he wins points for being the most awesome contestant ever: He shows Kayne how to strut down a catwalk, notes the good in Angela, and got to sit next to Tim Gunn during the flight to Paris.

- Also, Tim Gunn chaperoning the group? It was very America's Next Top Model. We almost expected for the designers use the Metro for go-sees.

- Laura might be the chicest pregnant lady ever - even more so than Angelina Jolie in her St. John knits while in Davos - because Angelina didn't have to do fashion challenges. And Laura's cocktail dress was gorgeous, knotty belt and all.

- We don't know what to think of Francisco Costa. We love his work for Calvin Klein, but he just seemed cranky during the judging. On his podcast, Tim Gunn said that night before Francisco had won the CFDA award, so maybe he was hungover, but to think that Vincent's schlubby travel suit was good? Blech.

2006_09_prjeffmich.JPG- Catherine Malandrino, on the other hand, is brilliant. Again, on his podcast, Tim Gunn said that they had to film her "aufing" a few times because her criticism of Angela and Kayne was so withering. We're sure that Michael Kors, who appraised Angela as looking like a mess just standing there, was very proud.

- And we understand Jeffrey's win for the last episode - it "looked expensive" and it was three pieces. We suspect they gave it to him because they heard him complaining about not winning.

Check out fourfour's great recap of last week's episode - and we can't wait for tonight, or as we like to think of it (since it's set in Paris), Lots of Funny Faces.