2006_09_prbwjef.JPGThe last new Project Runway was practically two weeks ago, but thanks to Bravo rerunning it, we could relive it many times. It was full of twists: Two previously kicked-off winners got to reappear and fight for a place in the final four (well, besides Keith) and the outfit would have to be black-and-white and all the material had to be used - even scraps! It's debatable which spooked people more - Angela's "sad eyes," Vincent's "crazy eyes," or using all the fabric. Some of our thoughts:

- We nearly peed our pants when we saw Vincent appear. (We wanted the Olsen twins for reals!) Sure, some people might be amused by him muttering "It gets me off," "It makes me hot," or "So hip. So modern." (to Collier Strong during this challenge - for some reason it was like fingers scratching a chalkboard), but it just makes us really sad and long for, oh, maybe Bradley's spacey sayings. Vincent is a huge buzzkill.
- Jeffrey was dangerously likable in this episode, even if his idea of a cocktail dress was more dime-store hooker fashion.
- Angela's actual cocktail dress was sort of cute, crazy pet-collar aside, but was Clarissa wearing pantyhose when she walked the runway? Blech.
- Speaking of Angela, Laura's dressing-down of her back at the Atlas was pretty brutally honest and brilliant. Laura's dress was very beautiful, if safe. We were more interested in...
- ...Michael's gorgeous simple dress. And the shots of Michael watching his design on the runway are always so adorable.
- Did anyone else think of Mr. Slave when Tim Gunn said, "Oh, Jesus" to Kayne? Rich at FourFour has a clip in his recap. According to some other interviews, Kayne says he didn't hear that the outfits had to be totally black and white or something, which is too bad, but even if he had gotten more white material, it's unclear if he would have made it to the final four - though that outfit Jeffrey made was so awful.
- Zac Posen was pretty good as a guest judge, even if he was wearing an ascot. He did give Kayne props for how his dress looked good in the front.
2007_09_prbw.JPG- Michael Kors dresses down Uli not only by doing a German accent but also by comparing his necklace to pool floats! That was satisfying, except Uli seems really cool and called Kayne "Sunshine" when he got kicked off. But she's sticking around.

So we have our final four: Uli, Laura, Jeffrey and Michael, who all showed at Fashion Week. Now, based on previews for this Wednesday's episode, Heidi says something like "we're not committed to our final four," which makes us wonder if all four designers end up showing, because Project Runway wants to hit four different demographics for another few weeks (the adult woman, the neck tattoo viewers, the hippie European immmigrants and the Michael fans). New York magazine has some speculation (slightly spoilery!) about one contestant's clothes, plus a great interview with Laura who admits one of her children wasn't named for months and months. And thanks to Blogging Project Runway, we got to read an online chat Tim Gunn did with the Washington Post. Many of the chatters wanted Tim's fashion advice or take on trends (word to the wise: Do not wear Crocs when you stalk him), but we liked this question best:

Question from Stuttgart, Germany: We always see you wear what's black and gray and white. What is your favorite color to look at? (Please! Don't say black or gray or white!)

Tim Gunn: I'd love to say "black," but I won't. Promise. My favorite color is the sandstone in the buildings of Bath, England. I painted my apartment that very same color.

You never cease to amaze us, Tim Gunn! Also, he has a new Tim's Take.

We're also developing our Final Three (or Four) drinking game, so if you have any suggestions, put them in the comments. Clearly, Jeffrey swearing will be a teeny sip, Uli saying she just wanted a party dress will be a normal sip, Michael referring to Captain Save-a-Ho will be two drinks, and Laura using more than three non-neutral colors is time to chug.