Runway judge Heidi KlumOooh, Miramax and Bravo are going to Project Greenlight-ize America's Top Model by giving the world (or basic cable viewers) Runway, a new model compeititon, with Heidi Klum judging. Bravo thinks it will be a great companion piece to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; yes, because there's nothing that gay men like more than pretty vacant models to escort around. And Variety reports Miramax head Harvey Weinstein saying Runday "help find and identify the same untapped talent in the fashion world that 'Project Greenlight' has found in film." Untapped talent? The NY Times' Elvis Mitchell reviewed both Project Greenlight films: Stolen Summer was "Well-meaning but inert" and "The drab comic melodrama The Battle of Shaker Heights may lead to a new axiom: success has many fathers, but failure has Project Greenlight." Note to aspiring models: This is your chance to choose.

Note: It's a blog "Jinx!" moment as Gawker writes about Runway as well.