Okay, maybe not all of Jay McCarroll's friends are from Bravo shows (his friend Selene in Park Slope is like the bestest friend ever - she lets him stay on her couch, touch her boob, and models his outfit for pregnant Heidi), it just seemed like it. Hey, here's Austin Scarlett! Wendy Pepper! Oh, Kara is the only person he knows in L.A. with a sewing machine (okay, that's more legit). But Jason from Blow Out cuts his hair? What next, James Lipton comes on to lecture Jay about drama? Just a thought! So, Gothamist watched Project Jay two nights ago and actually watched part of it again last night, and we'll probably watch it every single time it comes on Bravo because we tend to do things like that (it's that or watching the Pastry World Championships on the Food Network). We're a little torn between wishing it was a weekly show and being happy it isn't. God bless Jay's wackiness, but he's a bit high-maintenance. Anyway, here's our rundown:

2006_02_mollym.jpg- Formula for being an interesting person is having a loving/cruel family. His sister says Jay and her 7 year old daughter Molly get along so well because they both act 7, which is hilarious, but is it hilarious when Jay dresses Molly up as Anna Nicole? We think yes.
- Jay does have a dainty mouth
- Maybe a better show would be Project Jay Needs To Rent Something in NYC. Gothamist enjoyed the montage of unsavory work-live situations in Brooklyn that he was presented with.
- Project Kara would have been boring, but, damn, is she capable; Project Austin would have made us slit our wrists...Project Wendy, hmm, it'd be like the Jeff Conaway part of Celebrity Fit Club
- We did feel bad for Jay when Heidi dropped him as her Emmy dress designer, but it looks like he got to drive a Saturn while in L.A., so work is work (and Uncle Tony seems very nice)
- Aw, letting Willow the dog design clothes is so cute
- Did he even show his new line yet? He said he was showing something in February 2006...

What did you think of Project Jay? And here is Jay's website - where's the line?