2006_02_projectjay.jpgNo one needed any more reasons to watch Project Jay, the one hour special about the season one winner of Project Runway, Jay McCarroll, but after reading Virginia Heffernan's assessment in the Times, we Can. Not. Wait. Saying that if he were better-looking, he'd be stupid and die of AIDS? His disdainful family and Heidi Klum's pregnancy-induced indecisiveness? Just living in Park Slope? And that hat is so great. Oh, Jay, we miss you from this season. The best two hours of TV tonight is from 10PM-midnight on Bravo - Project Runway reunion followed by Project Jay.

Here is Jay's website. Our only question is, why didn't Jay take the $100,000 prize? Does anyone know? And we loved it when he won Project Runway and his interview with Donny Deutsch.