2006_02_arts_showalter.jpgMichael Showalter has joined the faculty of the Peoples Improv Theater. The PIT is home of the most prestigious professional comedy writing program in the country and has added him as one of the four new teachers to their faculty.

Showalter, who we all know from “The Baxter" (which we loved) and “Stella” (which we just weren't that into), will offer a 6-week course on “Writing a Comedy Screenplay” starting on March 20. The course will focus on the basics of screenwriting; the different genres of filmic comedy; and beginning to create your own comedic screenplay. The course will also feature special guest speakers from the industry.

Would it be inappropriate to bring him an apple and sing "Hot for Teacher"? Yeah, we could probably benefit from a comedy writing class.

The other teachers, and their courses, added alongside Showalter are:
Dan Adhoot (Last Comic Standing, Crank Yankers) will offer a six-week course on “Standup Comedy” starting on March 6.
Kimmy Gatewood (Best Musical Act, TONY) will teach a six-week course in “Musical Solo Performance.”
Kevin Scott (Centralia) will teach a six week course in “Comedy Movie Making.”