School's in session, and that means Professor James Franco has begun his work molding the young minds of a few NYU students. While he missed the first two sessions, he has been involved with the students via Skype and other methods since May, and last Saturday night they met face-to-face for the first time. There were a few extra bodies in the classroom at Tisch, however, with the NY Times coming in with a photographer.

Read their full account here—personally we stopped reading after the first graph, which contained a sentence that we're now basing our new adult entertainment feature film off of: "The instructor tapped his red pen against a long, wooden table." We're open to title suggestions, here's what we got so far:

  • James And The Giant Pen
  • 12.7 Inches
  • Hairy Osborne
  • Cocks and Geeks
  • General Cockspital
  • Rise Of The Planet of the Cocks
  • O Captain! (O O O O Captain!) My Captain!
  • Howl