Photos via Friends of the Ridgewood Theater

While a local group is still trying to save The Ridgewood Theater in Queens—specifically, architect Thomas Lamb's 1916 interior—it will become an Associated Supermarket (even though there is one just a few blocks away already!). The Daily News now reports that they've obtained exclusive photographs that show hidden gems still inside the shuttered theater, like a projector and wooden armrests. The images were provided to them by a rubbish remover, and show... well, we may never know. Even though the paper has the technology, it appears as if they chose not to post the photos.

Nothing a little text can't fix! Their source says, "There's little, tiny things that are lying around. There are artifacts particularly in the lobby that are still intact." We've contacted the Friends of the Ridgewood Theater to find out what will happen to the artifacts and will update when we hear back, in the meantime, check out some photos at their Facebook page.