Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner gives $200,000 to Salon and Salon's David Talbot says, "Even though we are an Internet company, we realize that print is not dead. Rolling Stone has a lot of readers who we are interested in reaching." Really? We guess eyeballs are eyeballs, but who really reads Rolling Stone anymore, unless they are at the dentist's office? But Gothamist understands how Talbot needed to say something, anything, to thank Wenner for his generous investment (it feels like Salon is a non-profit at this point - you invest on the expectation of never seeing any of your money come back). And Adobe co-chairman, John E. Warnock, is also investing in Salon, to the tune of $600,000. No good quotes from him, but maybe he's thinking Salon.com's content will be entirely PDFs.

Gothamist used to read Salon regularly, but then the ads came. It's great that they are offering their content for free, only requiring visitors to click through some ads, but some of the ads have been so intrusive and long-winded, we've stopped going.