When Prince suddenly announced that he was tweeting under his backing band PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL's Twitter account, we knew we'd be in for something special. So far, we've gotten weird selfies, and a whole lot of self-awareness. But best of all, we now know that Prince is not only aware of Dave Chappelle's amazing parody of him—he's using his likeness as the cover for his new single.

Prince (or someone in his camp) tweeted out the above photo late Friday afternoon, along with a link to the video excerpt of new tunes "Breakfast Can Wait," and the caption, "Game: Blouses." The tune actually sounds pretty good, a bit like a more R&B takeoff of his classic "Starfish And Coffee."

But it's great to know Prince appreciates Chappelle's classic sketch (watch it below, again, as many times as you can) as much as the rest of the world does—and that he has a sense of humor about himself, even if he has no sense of humor about concert photography and videography.