1008prince2.jpgThat super-secret, impossible-to-get-into Prince show? It went down for four hours (two shows) on the rooftop loft at the Hotel Gansevoort on Friday night. The NY Times reports that audience members paid around $1,000 to get inside the intimate room, with proceeds going to charity (Love 4 One Another Charities and Urban Farming). The Purple One did give a nod to the tough times however, the paper notes that "moments into the early set he joked about the tough day, then he tweaked the lyrics of '1999' to reference the financial crisis." Howard Stern, Spike Lee and Dave Chappelle were all in attendance, and the latter even took over entertaining duties for a bit, saying, “I played tambourine tonight at a Prince show — that’s the good news. The bad news is, I flew coach.”