The folks over at the Queens Museum of Art have thought of a unique way to battle the economic downturn: selling off some miniature real estate! The establishment's best known piece is the 9,335-square-foot model of New York City that was built for the 1964 World's Fair. For a fairly low price, you can now Adopt-a-Building in any of the small scale five boroughs (your own apartment building may even be there). As of yesterday, single apartments went up for sale for around $50, houses for $250, and as the NY Times reports "for $10,000, developers can have their brand-new glass-tower condo buildings added to the panorama — no matter how many units are languishing on the market."

Since it hasn't been touched since 1992, so it's a little out of date with the World Trade Center still standing tall (they said they wouldn't leave the site empty, but rather replace it once the new skyscrapers are planned). However, Citi Field officially replaced Shea Stadium yesterday when the New York Mets made the first donation and had their old ball park taken out.