Marmoset at Central Park Zoo; Photo: Michael Cosentino, Meccapixel

Monkeys have been getting a bad rap lately, so Gothamist thought it was nice of Michael Cosentino at Meccapixel to show them - their marmoset brethren, really - some love. It looks like there will be a series of Central Park Zoo photos coming to Meccapixel, so look out.

However, there's some more follow-up on the human-attacking macaque helper monkey, Darla: Apparently owner Steven Seidler won't say where Darla is hiding out after the city asked Seidler to "get rid of her." Plus, there's another report of someone being attacked by Darla ("The monkey was dressed in Pampers eating a lollipop. I was sitting there writing my report when the monkey crept up and grabbed my leg. I panicked, backed up and the monkey bit me in the leg, then attacked my other leg."...honestly - you cannot make this stuff up.) Finally, the Post says that the city is investigating whether or not Seidler should be getting disability pay at all. And not to worry - Gothamist will be visiting the San Diego Zoo soon to bring you the best panda coverage possible; if we don't see pandas, as God as our witness, we'll just go the gift shop and try on every single piece of Panda wear around.

Bluejake's Central Park Zoo pictures.