Want to sit next to your pals at the big concert? Or stalk the guy you like offline? Well now Ticketmaster will let you do those things! The company has teamed up with Facebook, and starting today you can buy tickets via an interactive seating chart, which shows where your Facebook friends are sitting.

According to Fast Company, Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard isn't really trying to bring you closer to your friends, he just happened to notice that every time a ticket buyer shared with Facebook friends that he was attending an event, it generated $5.30 in additional ticket revenue. Seat maps will also be made available after each event, so presumably you can tell that guy who spilled beer on you what you really think.

At a meeting, a Miami Dolphins executive was heard declaring: "This is sick." Anyway, not to harsh your superfriends buzz, but why didn't your pals just invite you along to the concert when they were buying tickets in the first place?