For anyone who has wanted to play a corpse, random person who finds the body, a red herring of a suspect, the cop who gets the doughnuts (Profaci!!), or a concerned juror on Law & Order, you'll still have to wait (or not, if you have a SAG card and "the look"). However, Court TV’s Forensic Files is holding an open casting call to find people to reenact mysteries and crimes for the series tomorrow in Chelsea. Both actors and amateurs will be considered to "play law enforcement officials, victims, forensic scientists, lawyers, criminal suspects and more." Gothamist is seriously considering going, as we feel we will need to build our cred to continue our quest to one day play "Part of Bickering Group of Friends Who Passes Killer" on an episode of L&O.

Forensics Files auditions are the Chelsea Studio, 151 W. 26th Street, from 11AM to 6PM.